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How in the heck do we get up there?

About Rope Guy

Have you ever looked up into an elevated space that conventional methods such as lifts and ladders can’t get to and said, “How in the heck do we get up there?”  Scaffolding might be a solution but it would take far too long to set up and take down, not to mention the expense and major interruption to your business.

When you find yourself in this situation contact Rope Guy Extraordinaire.  For more than 20 years we have specialized in turning this type of impossible looking situation into a successful resolution.  We go where others can’t.  We do this by using highly skilled climbing techniques developed from decades of personal experience in the vertical world.  We can accomplish this within a very short period of time and with minimal or no disruption to your business.  If necessary, we can fabricate specialized equipment to get the job done.

When we look up into those high places we see solutions.  Give us a call at (602) 509-1543 to talk about the possibilities for your business needs.

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Paul Dief – Rope Guy

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